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Anxiety Treatment

Are you tied of living in fear?

When constant thoughts of worst-case scenarios run through your mind or when you feel always on edge, it can be hard to make decisions that leave you feeling satisfied.  

Your fear may prevent you from participating in social activities, the weight of feeling judged being overwhelming.  You might feel like you always need to be in control to ensure that nothing goes wrong in life.  That can be exhausting.

Your anxiety may be causing more than mental and emotional distress.  You may have physical symptoms as well.  Headaches, digestive issues, and shakiness may plague you.  

There is hope!  In our sessions, we can work to determine the root of your anxiety, how it may have started as a protective measure, and how you can use calming and mindfulness skills to manage and move past it.  It is possible to live a life ruled by happiness instead of fear.

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