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Trauma Therapy

How to Move into Your Future Without Your Past

Even though an event in our lives may be in the past, we may find we are still reacting to it every day now.  You may be reliving the traumatic events or noticing that you have developed certain responses to the fear, shame, or pain that still plague you.  You might find it difficult to manage daily life because of what happened.  

When you live with unresolved trauma, it can impact every part of your life.  You may have trouble sleeping, difficulty thinking clearly, unable to get a handle on tasks that seem easy for others.  Every day can feel like a challenge.

Sometimes trauma comes out of a singular event and sometimes it occurs over a period of time.  It may have occurred in childhood and you believe you've moved past it, only to feel confused by why you have certain fears around different aspects of life.  You may be tempted to numb your feelings with food, alcohol, drugs, or high risk behaviors.  

When you are living with this pain, relationships of all kinds can suffer.  You might find it difficult to be present with your family, or be unable to explain what's happening to the people around you.  You might want to withdraw from life or find you are pushing people away with your anger.

While you can't change what happened, you can find a way out of the pain that your trauma caused and learn to move forward so that you can connect with the people in your life and find joy again.  

You may be hesitant to start therapy because you don't want to relive your trauma.  We will work on the feelings and behaviors that evolved because of the trauma without you having to provide details around the events until you are ready and choose to.  

Unresolved trauma can wreak havoc on our lives.  However, it is possible to change the way your body reacts and your memories impact your daily life.  You can build a future that is no longer ruled by your past.

Trauma therapy is available at Lublin Counseling Services in Troy, MI.  Online and in person counseling available.

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